Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall

Who I Am and What I Do
I've been photographing the stuff of your nightmares since 2004! My mission is to provide quality photos to haunted attractions at a reasonable price. I typically photograph an attraction while customers are going through: scenes, scares, and characters. I don't hold up customers or block scenes off while shooting; I am accustomed to setting up and tearing down very quickly. Attraction owners benefit from this because they don't have to spend extra money employing their staff or using supplies like make-up on a night the haunt is not open just to get photos for their site. In addition, due to customers coming through, actors remain motivated and retain their high energy during the shoot. Nothing motivates haunt actors more than a camera ready to shoot their scares or get them looking their frightenly best!
A Mission of Excellence - Ever since I began shooting attractions, my aim has always been to outdo what I did the previous year, to come up with a new way or technique to convey the scene and feeling. Scarier. Bloodier. Darker. More sadistic. Over the years, I have developed many ways work with and use the low lighting haunts use and rely upon to be successful. Many of my self-created techniques employ the use of off-camera (handheld) flash, long exposures, and various flashlights. I do not cheapen the experience by adding anything to photos in post-production. The photos you see on this site are what the camera sees at the haunt.
Will I travel to shoot an attraction? Of course! I travel throughout the year due to other interests. I will expect the attraction to assist with travel expenses.

SeeYouScream - Our History
SeeYouScream came about just like any of the haunts I photograph -- it's something started out of love for the Halloween season (and a little chance). I was photographing a dorm group going through X-Treme Fear. The proprietor found me and asked for a link to my pictures. I had visited the web sites of all attractions in my area--even the big ones--and knew I could do better. I asked to stay the rest of the night, produced some nice shots for a first-timer, and enjoyed the experience.
Since this humble beginning, I mainted a photo archive site of all pictures I took. Word of my work spread, and, over the years, I improved considerably, all the while inventing new techniques to capture more thrilling shots. In late 2008, using the photo archive site as a base, I founded SeeYouScream Haunted Attraction Photography and began work on the web site you see today.

Behind the Lens - Tricks of the Trade
Over the years, I've impressed people with the shots I've gotten within their haunted attractions. I use various pieces of equipment and an understanding of lighting to create the pictures. At the moment, I use Canon 7D and 40D dSLRs, a 10-22mm Canon ultrasonic lens (among other lenses, but this one is, by far, my favorite and most-used in photos), flash gun, tripod, remote control, three flashlights (yes, I use them to light some pictures), a few filters, etc. I do not Photoshop pictures.
One of my favorite self-invented techniques involves walking around the scene with a flash gun or flashlight and adding just a little bit of light to dark areas to bring things out. Several people have exclaimed their wonderment that I don't show up in the photos when I do this.
I think my favorite compliment was when someone told me my photos looked too staged and fake to have been shot outdoors at a live attraction. It looked more like studio work with carefully-controlled lighting and a scene set just so. Between shots, I had to hide from customers and the actors had to scare them, it was anything from a controlled situation. Therefore, it's always a compliment when people don't realize the work that goes into crafting a picture.

Photo Copyright
All photos are copyright Christopher Hall, SeeYouScream Haunted Attraction Photography. The photos' respective attractions are licensed to use them only on their web sites. All other uses, including newspaper and magazine publication, are prohibited without my explicit permission and a byline.