Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
The Attractions

X-Treme Fear (Haunted Forest / Forest of Horror):  This is where it all began in 2004.  Two nights and a year later, I was hooked on haunted attraction photography.  I returned in 2005, adding two other attractions to my list.  It's a quite nice attraction that doesn't rely on Hollywood horror to scare you.

I hear the attraction has been redesigned this year. Let's see what they came up with!

2009 Picture Count: 119 (40, 52, 27)

2008 Picture Count: 243 (97, 52, 94)

2007 Picture Count: 80 (80)

2006 Picture Count: 65 (48, 17)

2005 Picture Count: 123 (23, 53, 10, 37)

2004 Picture Count: 268  (154, 114)

Castle of Horror (Reidsville):  "Castle of Horror" is an indoor attraction in the shape of a castle and uses its small space efficiently.  It changes 100% every year, which is very interesting. In 2008, it added on a long section called "Cannibal Creek" more than doubling the time it takes people to go through the attraction.

2009 Picture Count: 92 (43, 49)

2007 Picture Count: 111 (111)

2006 Picture Count: 80 (80)

2005 Picture Count: 123 (41, 49, 33)

Woods of Terror on Church Street:   This attraction bills itself as the haunted attraction in Greensboro.   It was the only attraction in 2005 I could not photograph in one night.

2009 Picture Count: 131 (20, 43, 68)

2008 Picture Count: 336 (184, 152)

2007 Picture Count: 289  (59, 97, 35, 98)

2006 Picture Count: 235 (85, 79, 91)

2005 Picture Count: 400  (89, 85, 115, 50, 61)


Kersey Valley Spookywoods:  My perfect shooting grounds: a well-run, professionally-done haunted attraction.  From my experience walking through the attraction on a rainy night in early 2006, I can confidently say it is one of the largest attractions I have seen.  Since then, it has become my favorite attraction, mostly because the staff (including the actors) is excited and eager to work with me.

  Looking at other information about the haunt, it has the largest staff of any haunt in the state (130). Combining its "Maize Adventure", it puts more than 50,000 people through a year!  Wow!

2009 Picture Count: 217 (21, 59, 28, 28, 47, 34)

2008 Picture Count: 315 (26, 66, 50, 56, 104, 13)

2007 Picture Count: 331 (62, 51, 42, 59, 39, 78)

2006 Picture Count: 535 (34, 65, 78, 48, 46, 94, 170)


Hacker House:  Perhaps the first haunted attraction of which I have heard.  This is a half indoors, half outdoors affair around the Pilot Mountain area. If you're tired of Hollywoods scares and the mainstream, visit Hacker House for some rather original scares. The cast shows just how creepy it can get when they're allowed to interact with the house's visitors. Combined with original sets and some neat mechanical devices, it's creepiness on a whole other level.

Hacker House became a regular on the SeeYouScream shooting schedule in the 2009 shooting year.

2009 Picture Count: 126 (84, 42)

2007 Picture Count: 62 (62)


Nightmare on 901:  A quick trip to South Carolina gave me the chance to shoot this attraction for a little more than half an hour.  So much to see, so little time!

2006 Picture Count: 26  (26)


Nightmare on Scales Street:  An indoor attraction in Reidsville. 2008 was their first year, but it looked like they were in operation for longer than that (a credit to their creativity, for sure). This attraction aims higher and it'll be fun to see where they'll go. While it is indoors and is restricted to the existing floor plan, their skill at leading you around will show you just how trivial that is. If you've been to one haunted attraction, you certainly have not been to them all.

2009 Picture Count: 33 (33)

2008 Picture Count: 15 (15)


Boogerwoods:  2008 marked this attraction's 31st year in operation.  Unique among other attractions in that it's a non-profit, Boogerwoods donates everything to Cystic Fibrosis research.  As with all attractions, this one offers some unique things others don't: Club Booger, a tornado, and Boogerassic Park.  Groups are led through the attraction by guides, also a rarity among attractions.  It's also the only attraction I've photographed that has a dance floor inside the attraction for its guests to party down.

2009 Picture Count: 137 (56, 81)

2008 Picture Count: 304 (63, 113, 128)


Nightmare on Independence:  An indoor attraction in Charlotte.  I stopped by with Spookywoods on our Wednesday tour.  I think this is the attraction's first year.

2006 Picture Count: 16  (16)

Want In?  If you want your attraction covered, contact me (I charge a bit, but the quality is worth it).

The maximum attractions I will shoot in one year is equal to the following: at least two days for new attractions and at least one day for previously photographed attractions, distributed into the number of shooting days.  Therefore, for five attractions, two new and one previously photographed that I allocate two days, I will require at least eight days.  If I have twelve shooting days (as in 2005), I can add two new attractions or distribute the remaining days to the other attractions.

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