Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Woods of Terror  (2009-10-18)
Movie Maniacs all the way! For your pleasure, I remained in the Movie Maniacs scene for the entire duration of this short shooting night. I started in the first two rooms, getting a few shots, then moved to the puppet room before the actors arrived. I enjoyed shooting the puppet reflection in the mirror, but turned into one sick puppy when I put my flashlight inside one of the puppet's cubby holes and propped its arm up with my pencil. I made it look like the puppet was going to come out. That was very fun to shoot.
As far as screams and characters go, the puppet room was close to one scream after another. A compliment to the actor, certainly. The "Ring" actress was also great to photograph; she looked better in black and white. The "Saw" scene was nice, if not deafening. While I did get a few screams there, I didn't like how they turned out. I included a few in the album to illustrate the better ones. I just don't like looking through chain link. During the last shot of the night, the actor had to leave the frame prematurely (due to a group, though the exposure was only 3.2 seconds). It produced an unintentional ghosting effect that looked pretty neat.
After discovering the joys of shooting in black and white, I'm still trying to come to terms with how and when I want to use it. Perhaps I'll use it more when I have to do a 1/50th second flash-mounted character shot. It's still difficult for me to depart from color photography because I enjoy the raucous colors at attractions.
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