Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
X-Treme Fear  (2011-10-14)

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X-Treme Fear  (2011-10-14)
Back to where it all began, this time using some new gear.
Over the year, I acquired some interesting pieces of gear: an f/1.8 lens (for those not into photography: this lens will blur out backgrounds) and jells for my flash gun (meaning I get to play with colored light instead of just white). This allowed me to create some rather interesting photos this night. I especially like the raven one. The werewolf one was done in the same way, but with a red jell.
On a side note, the one with the flame and skull took several tries to create. I had to cover part of the lens with the cap, shoot the background with the flash gun, and uncover the lens just a fraction of a second before the shutter snapped closed. Any earlier and the flame would be too bright; any later and I wouldn't get a flame. Very difficult to time.
Photograher: Christopher Hall
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