Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Spookywoods  (2010-10-24)

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Spookywoods  (2010-10-24)
A Sunday night shoot for the heck of it. This wasn't in the schedule, but I prefer having complete albums of all haunts. I arrived at the haunt intending to shoot only certain things: the barrel room, Michael Myers, and one of the parking lot characters. On my way out, I saw a mostly full, though waning, moon. Aside from the house, only the corn maze and flame tower were oriented the right way for a shot. I took what I could, then proceeded to the barrel room. The barrels were difficult to shoot while the attraction was open, both from an angle point and given that some barrels would get stuck, either making or breaking a shot.
After the barrel room, the actress in the garden scene saw me and asked for some pictures. Apparently, the night I shot the scene was the only night she wasn't able to work. I spent a good amount of time in the scene, then, getting a few character shots and screams. On occasion, when I was setting up for a character shot and visible in the scene, I would also act like a character (my Tilley fedora matched the scene). Several passing visitors wondered if I was real.
Before the haunt closes, I'll visit and shoot Michael Myers. If you have any suggestions what else you'd like to see pictures of, please visit the facebook page and tell me!
Photograher: Christopher Hall
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