Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Spookywoods  (2009-09-25)
The threatening rain was kept at bay, though an umbrella never left my side. For this night, I concentrated on scenes before the corn maze: dark walk, Morbid Curiosity, farm house, and ghost town, with most of my effort going into the former two. The dark walk was very interesting and challenging to photograph. There are very few lights on this trail as it is meant to be experienced in complete darkness. I found myself using the longest exposure times I've ever used at a haunted attraction--up to three minutes! I discovered the camera takes just as long to process the image once I've finished taking it. At first, I thought the camera had errored, but waited patiently for it to do its thing and, a couple minutes later, I was able to view the completed image. Creating those types of images was very fun, but it was also expensive, time-wise. All exposures in that area were in excess of two minutes and produced some very pleasing results.
This album is part of Christopher Hall's Haunted Pictures collection.
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