Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Nightmare on Scales Street  (2008-10-17)
The attraction I was going to shoot for the night was rained out.  However, while in the attraction's parking lot, I heard some of the actors were going to visit a new attraction in Reidsville, Nightmare on Scales Street.  It was an indoor attraction, they said, and it certainly wouldn't be rained out.  For me, it meant an opportunity to see something different and document another attraction.
Of course, this caused the usual weird situation: I show up, ask the shoot the attraction, and no one can figure out how I'll benefit financially from it.  That's just the way things are with me.  I'll start charging the larger attractions, though, to help with the cost of buying new equipment to do a better job.  In the end, 75% of the funds for this project come from my own pocket.  It's a hobby rather than a profession, really.
So, how is the attraction?  As they said, it takes about fifteen minutes to go through.  If I remember correctly, there are about 23 rooms and you spend around half a minute in each.  The attraction is completely indoors on the second floor and will spread to the third, they've planned, in 2009.  You're viewing scenes in this attraction and, in some places, walking through them.  Though it's on the second floor, you never do feel like you're moving through a series of hallways and rooms; I definitely must say that part has been handled well.  Some of the scene construction has been done well--especially considering this is the attraction's first year.  My two favorite scenes are the Poltergeist one and the hallway.  The top thing I did not like about the attraction is the detachment I felt between me and the scene.  The amazing thing is how well done the scenes are for a first year attraction: the construction, materials, lack of wasted space, lighting, attention to detail, staff, and the early mastery of the switches, timers, and controllers that make a scene work.  It'll be interesting to see where this attraction goes in the future.
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