Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Hacker House  (2009-10-24)
What a night this was! Hacker House had a steady stream of customers flowing through it up past eleven at night! I can usually get some scene shots in during a night's shoot, but people just coming and coming through the scenes. Eventually, I abandoned my tripod altogether and shot characters and screams without it. Now, that says something.
I began out front before people arrived, had a quick tour of the inner house so I could memorize all the byways, shot a scene in color, then switched over to scares when people started coming through. The rooms' close quarters made my wide-angle lens more than a necessity. There were minute lulls at times, enabling me to turn my attention to shooting the characters. From now on, if I don't have time to set up my tripod, I will usually shoot most characters and scenes in black and white. Something about haunted attractions lends itself to monochromatic representation and, this year, I'm just finding that out.
The haunt's bunny certainly remembered my name. For good or evil, I don't know, but you have a way of even making that creepy. That made it fun.
Photograher: Christopher Hall, SeeYouScream.
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