Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
X-Treme Fear  (2009-11-01)
It was a little rainy this night, but not enough to deter haunts and those getting in one last scare for the year. I was able to get in a few last character shots. I am very pleased with the one of the skull. Did you know his eyes and mouth were plainly visible in the light? To prevent you from seeing any pinkish color, I aimed my hand-held flash gun at certain angles. While I did get the angle right, the flash enjoyed firing twice in a row, messing with the careful balance of light I was trying to achieve. After a few takes, I finally got it to fire once on each side of the actor.
The last group I shot that went through the attraction was certainly the crème de la crème. They were genuinely frightened at every scene and were very expressive. They were fun to shoot. When they realized I was standing near some scares, I mixed it up and stood where there wasn't anyone a few times. They did not once try to pose for the camera, acted naturally throughout the haunt, their expressions were good, and they didn't clump together; just the right formula for getting your picture up online. Other people should learn from them.
With this, we end another successful haunt season. I've learned more and have new techniques and tools under my belt. I hope to keep improving and bringing everyone the best haunted attraction pictures you've seen!
Photograher: Christopher Hall, SeeYouScream.
Pictures:  27.
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