Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Woods of Terror  (2007-10-26)
It has been a dry year.  Lake levels were the lowest I have ever seen, mandatory water restrictions are enforced, and the last time I was at Woods of Terror, my cameras were coated in dust from one particular scene.  For this night, we had the opposite water problem--lots of rain.  Instead of being rained out, the attraction went on with the show.  The actor who played the original "Pinhead" from Hellraiser was a guest, so the doors had to be open.  An estimated 150 people braved the rain and came.

Before customers came through the attraction, I busied myself with establishing base at the crypt.  Later, the actors came on the scene and I was able to use my time with them wisely and get some killer shots.  I liked them all, so posted more than one of each type.  For the one that is sort of lizardish or goblin-esque, I took the original shot and made the red and green very contrasty.  That really brought out the mask's colors and made it look much more like flesh.

While customers went through the attraction, I tried to get various shots and candids while it was pouring.  I used the 10D and longer lens for this, wrapping the camera in a plastic shopping bag and using rubber bands at the ends.  I then attached the flash gun to the body and wrapped that likewise with a plastic bag and rubber bands.  This worked well and I was able to get a few more shots in.  However, while using the bags, I could not use my flash gun to focus the shot as the emitter was also covered.  This meant good old fashioned guesswork by focusing on a light at the same distance people were going to be from me when I would take the picture.  It was hit and miss.  I really tried and even risked destroying the camera and flash gun due to water exposure.  Dedication.

In the end, the attraction closed a little after 9PM.  But at least I did get some good shots.  If one of these becomes the killer shot, I would say it was a rather successful night.

This album is part of Christopher Hall's Haunted Pictures collection.
Pictures:  35.     Some edited & all watermarked.
  Lightbox Slides ("P"revious, "N"ext, and e"X"it.)

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