Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Spookywoods  (2008-09-27)
After two rain outs, the haunted attraction season finally got underway!  This was Spookywoods' opening night.  After two days of rain, only a few patches of ground seemed wet; it dried well.  The monsters were famished, being deprived of their normal "meals" for eleven months and the additional two days.

I concentrated on just a few scenes this night.  I really wanted to get the Egyptian scene down, showing some of the set and costumes, a few scares as well.  That worked out well.  After that, I made a stop in "The Puppeteer's Attic" to see how that was faring.  It didn't change much this year, but that's a scene I can usually count on for a few scares, depending upon the groups that pass through.  The "Torture Chamber" was new this year, so it was high on my list.  Just like the werewolf scene it replaced, it was a high scare area.  Finally, I wound up my night in the graveyard, the absolute best scene to end a night because the zombies are wonderful to work with and take great pictures.  I especially liked the one with the zombie emerging from the fog.

I saw more than my share of groups trying to pose and have their picture taken.  I will tell you this: I do not photograph or publish poses.  If you want to see yourself up on the web site, ignore the camera, don't act like a moron, and just react naturally to the scene.  It takes a lot more than a scared group to make it up here: actor position, context, lighting, angle, frame--all are important. 

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