Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Woods of Terror  (2006-10-20)
This was the first shooting night this year at Woods of Terror.  Unfortunately, due to other activities, I was unavailable to publish (post) these pictures until that Sunday night.  For those interested, my geocaching team came in first place at the Saturday event.

There were quite a few new scenes and tweaks to Woods of Terror this year.  Returning customers should recognize some very familiar paths and scenes, but will be delighted (or is that "horrified"?) with the changes.  I arrived early to begin my initial walk through the attraction.  It was nice and bright out at that time, but I had to rely on my flashlight before I was halfway through.  My personal favorites of the night included "Movie Maniacs" and the scares produced from the guy with the cage on his head.

This album includes some experimental photography.  Results may vary, but I have to agree that experimenting like this can produce some interesting results, both good and bad.  Why experiment?  Trying out new ideas allows me to learn new techniques, such as ghosting effects and ways of playing with light while freezing a specific object in the picture.  I produced the much-raved "ghost bride" from experimenting.  Anyway, this night's experiment was in the 3D section.  You see, at that point in the attraction, the camera will see the set normally while customers see it through 3D glasses.  This experiment involved ways I can use the 3D glasses as a filter--in other words, I tried to take pictures with the camera's lens looking through the 3D glasses.  The results are quite interesting.  Perhaps I can refine this and produce something better.  Showing some pictures from my experiments should give you an idea of what I'm thinking and the things I am trying.  Progress was definitely made.

I also met up with the people from Haunted Media Magazine.  I am pleased to report they were impressed with my pictures from last year and commented amongst each other these pictures range from par to above what they produce.  As I am self-taught more from experimentation and experience, and have never been formally taught, I am very glad to hear that.  That just means when I post new pictures I can say with more confidence, "Enjoy!"

This album is part of Christopher Hall's Haunted Pictures collection.
Pictures:  85.     Some edited & all watermarked.
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