Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Hacker House  (2010-10-02)
We saw this night's shoot as a continuation of where we left off last year. In 2009, the night we had set aside to shoot the outside part of this attraction didn't happen due to rain. Instead, we shot the inside half. While that's not to say the resulting photos didn't live up to our standards of quality, we didn't like that because it meant we never got a chance to shoot the entire haunt. Thus, we did an unscheduled shooting night at Hacker House and concentrated solely on what we didn't shoot last year.
Our favorite gimmic was the saw in the last scene. It spun and descended from the ceiling. Even so, we still got a good shoot with the saw frozen and clear. We also did some video work during the shoot. The person from NC Haunts turned out to be an excellent interviewer.
Photograher: Christopher Hall
Pictures:  25.

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