Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
X-Treme Fear  (2008-10-29)
I returned to shooting X-Treme Fear after being at Boogerwoods the previous week.  Being a Wednesday, the attraction wasn't extremely busy, which meant I could go back to scene photography.  That's not to say I didn't get a few good scares during this time!  There are still a few scenes I have yet to photograph at this attraction, so I plan to return on November 1st (I'm shooting a private event on the 30th and Woods of Terror on the 31st).
While at the attraction, I was asked for the URL to this site.  I smiled and said, "SeeYouScream.com".  Yes, you can get here from that domain.  Hopefully by next year, I'll have made the site and moved all the pictures over to it.  It'll be good to get the pictures off my email server, PhoenixPo.com.
Pictures by Christopher Hall, SeeYouScream.com.
Pictures:  52.     Some edited & all watermarked.
  Lightbox Slides ("P"revious, "N"ext, and e"X"it.)

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