Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Mountain of Terror  (2012-10-06)

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Being jumped by the miner.

A quick jump scare as the crying girl goes through a scene.

One girl was already moved to tears, so it was up to someone to make sure the others had their scare time, too.

Going through the last room in the house.

The crying girl braves the first room of the house. She was nice.

The crying girl finishes the house.

Another group goes through the house.

Another group braves the house.

Someone is VERY afraid of chainsaws! If you'll notice, the girl in black breaks part of the scene!

More chainsaws in the maze.

Run! Run before the chainsaw guy at Mountain of Terror catches up to you!

This is what it's like to run through the maze.

Mountain of Terror  (2012-10-06)
Instead of pictures, we were asked to get some video. The problem with video is you have to have a bright, always-on light. This seems to encourage people to ham things up. Please note that, if you're one of the people that likes to do things like that, you won't see a video or picture of you anywhere online.
Photograher: Christopher Hall
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