Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Castle of Horror  (2009-10-16)
I spent the first part of the shooting night in the castle, familiarizing myself with the byways by day, shooting scenes by night when the workers took to their stages. You'll notice the first two shots of the night featured two children huddled at the head of bed. I was trying to use an arm (Chuckles the Clown's two-fingered arm, if you must know) to cast a shadow of some creature come to do harm. In the end, the shadow was nowhere near as dominant in the shot as I wanted. Some digital editing might be required in the future.
Most of the night was spent at Cannibal Creek, added to the attraction in 2008 (this was my first time photographing the area. This 0.6 mile trail is different from what you should normally expect in a haunted attraction. Instead of speeding a group up and getting as many through as possible, the attraction tries to slow groups down and put forth a story, something at which I have yet to see any attraction excel. I'm hard to please. By the end of the shoot, I had only gotten halfway.
You'll notice a few black and white and sepia shots in this album. I believe these are the first non-color shots I have ever published. I did these shots like that because the graveyard contains a very harsh, very bright red light. If left in color, the light would have bled some details out and the scene wouldn't have looked as nice. Removing the color lets you concentrate on the gravestones' texture. Perhaps I'll start throwing a few of these types of shots in with other albums. It'll be rare, though, because I've always enjoyed the carnival of color seen at attractions.
This album is part of Christopher Hall's Haunted Pictures collection.
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