Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Woods of Terror  (2009-10-25)
After the customers began walking through the attraction, I concentrated my efforts almost exclusively at the "back" of the attraction, geographically speaking. That means, in the customers' eyes, I was in the middle of the attraction. I realized I don't normally find myself here because, I guess, it's the farthest point.
Woods of Terror was slammed with customers this night, just as I experienced the previous night at Hacker House. It's wonderful people love these attractions! I found three major areas to get some screams and spent three quarters of my time there. It's tough getting a really good scream shot (that even I'm satisfied with), so the prospect of getting just one killer shot justifies the time. Of course, I would not have done so without first having most of the attraction's new stuff photographed.
The first two areas I shot were with the natives: the first part inside the maze and the scare just before it. That latter spot was what I call a scare factory: consistent, reliable, predictable scares at the same spot. The other area was the first pirate scene. While it definitely produced some good scares, the places were highly variable and it was difficult to get a good angle. The action was dynamic and the flow of people fluid. I ended up relying on automatic flash metering the entire time. Focus was a challenge because focus takes at least a second or two to establish and the scare would have already happened by then. I had to be mindful of the distance between the action and me and keep it as close to the distance I used to prefocus the camera.
To the customers: if you want your picture taken and posted online, do not notice the camera and respond really well to the camera. If the shot turns out, it'll be posted. If you're chewing gum, pose, or otherwise make the picture seem contrived, you'll never see it on SeeYouScream. We only post real scares here.
Photograher: Christopher Hall, SeeYouScream.
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