Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Boogerwoods  (2008-10-23)
This was my first night shooting Boogerwoods.  It being a Thursday, they were closed to the public, but opened so I could get some scene and actor pictures done.  Getting some of the scene work done ahead of time let me include scares in subsequent nights' shoots.
When I arrived, I walked through the attraction in the waning evening light, looking at scenes, getting the layout down, and thinking about shots and possible angles.  After that, I started from the front of the attraction and worked my way down.  I didn't even get halfway by the end of the night, typical when I'm shooting scenes.  The next night, I would go between scares, scenes, and actors.
This album is part of Christopher Hall's Haunted Pictures collection.
Pictures:  63.     Some edited & all watermarked.
  Lightbox Slides ("P"revious, "N"ext, and e"X"it.)

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