Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Castle of Horror  (2006-10-28)
This is the first and, I think, only shooting day I will have for Castle of Horror.  After completing my walkthrough and seeing what I saw, I felt quite sad about this.

I remember the attraction from last year.  I also remember Woods of Terror and Haunted Forest.  Without a doubt, this is the only attraction I have seen that changes 100% each year.  As I walked through other attractions, I saw they used much of the same path and scenes as the previous year.  Not Castle of Horror, nuh-uh.  The actual room layout, such as this room is this wide and this deep, does not change.  However, the path you take between rooms as well as every scene and every scare is different.  I am impressed.

I had a few personal favorites.  My first choice was the trash-talking skeleton girl on the table.  This was accomplished without a table cloth and I have heard customers tried to look for the rest of her without meeting with much success.  As people visit this room are lined up in an orderly fashion, it was easy to shoot.  My second favorite was the psych ward due to the furniture on the ceiling.  I also liked the room where the ice cream clown was.  Good stuff, all.

I hear something special is in the works at this attraction.  Something about a second attraction off to the side.  This may be a few years out, but I am eager to see how it will turn out.

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