Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Castle of Horror  (2010-10-15)
While I did concentrate on characters and scenes this night, it was fun to try a few scares here and there. One particular picture, the one with the spider web-faced girl in the room with the shield, was included in this album just because it turned out--in fact, the picture was only intended to be a test shot. Some things turn out, I guess.
Above all else, I wanted to make sure I had four places in the haunt photographed by the end of the night: Jason in the house, the bridge with the blue light under it, the goats, and the girl with the chainsaw. I did not believe I had such pictures the previous years, so these were intended to fill the gaps in the haunt's year-to-date album.
The gorilla costume shot turned out well. Believe it or not, that shot's lighting was the most complicated of them all: I fired the flash gun a total of six different times at four distance angles to get it right and separated from the background. As for other shots, I enjoyed shooting the guy in the orange with a knife in front of a house, the goat scene, and the entrance to the graveyard. The graveyard's entrance was very colorful; I lit the trail by wagging my flashlight from left to right and walking in the shot--one of my favorite tricks to expose the pathway (a trick, by the way, I originally created at this very haunt).
Finally, no write-up of the night would be complete without mentioning the real, live goats at one of the scenes. I wonder what the goats thought of it all, anyway?
Photograher: Christopher Hall
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