Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Hacker House  (2009-10-24)
It was a rainy Halloween, but Hacker House was open. Fortunately for me--and the several actors staffing that section--half the attraction is indoors. I didn't like the prospect of chancing my equipment to water damage, so I focused my effort entirely on this indoor section. I started with scare shots at the front of the attraction and slowly moved over to doing characters and scenes as the night went on and the number of customers decreased.
Playing with the mirror and colored liquids, shots involving either unconventional angles or colors, were enjoyable to do. Working with the cast to do the scare shots was also a pleasure. The weather cut the shoot short, though, and it's a shame I couldn't do the scenes outside.
With haunted attractions, there is never a "next year"; many scenes will change next year. This is, of course, a good thing. Horror isn't so scary if it's predictable.
Photograher: Christopher Hall, SeeYouScream.
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