Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Boogerwoods  (2010-10-29)

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Boogerwoods  (2010-10-29)
This second night of shooting was extremely video-intensive--much more than any shoot I've ever had up to this point. I wonder if that's how things will go in the future? Uploading everything to both facebook and YouTube, though, takes a lot of time. When the photos were uploaded, only one video was available.
Once I had video of some of the fun scenes, I turned my attention to getting some scare shots. Those who I speak with know my "6% Rule", which is an observation saying that, when I shoot scares, only six percent of the shots will make it up. More shots than that did turn out, but they were too similar to post.
The night ended with a chainsaw run: everyone who had a chainsaw ran the final group out of the attraction. One of the girls in that group ran farther, still being pursued. She ran across the parking lot, to the other side of the street, up the street, back down, through a ditch, and back around the parking lot again! We really got a workout!
Photograher: Christopher Hall
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