Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Boogerwoods  (2010-10-23)

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Boogerwoods  (2010-10-23)
Boogerwoods was impressive this year! Usually, you can count on a haunt to change up to 20% year after year. This year, however, you can say Boogerwoods reinvented itself: all but two scenes were new! The two that did not change were Club Booger and Jurassic Park; these will always be a part of Boogerwoods. Due to all these changes, I was more than a little busy trying to get around.
Boogerwoods, like Hacker House, tends to scare you with uniqueness; it tries to keep the visitor off balance so s/he doesn't know what's coming next. The first scene, the one with the Yeti, was a prime example: I haven't before seen a refrigerated room with a snow maker in any central NC haunt. Booger Auto Sales was another fun scene because I got to make a video. The haunt also ended with an extremely inventive and unique scene, "Flatback Mine Shaft". This scene actually flipped visitors over onto their backs! What an undertaking that was!
Photograher: Christopher Hall
Pictures:  50.

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