Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Castle of Horror  (2005-11-04)
The third and final night of shooting for this season!  Customers were still coming, but I had a good amount of time between groups to set up the trusty tripod once again and perform my magic of taking pictures of the scenery.  By now, I am definitely confident in how I capture the scenery.  I have learned a lot from experimenting this season: lighting, creating ghosts, illusions, and better techniques for capturing the scenery in ambient light, using my LED flashlight and camera's flash gun in my hand to assist the lighting.

Everyone at Castle of Horror has been great and they are a lot of fun.  The folks from Haunted Forest also visited tonight and will visit the next night.  As a side note, everyone at Castle of Horror visited Haunted Forest at the beginning of the season.  They consider each other sister attractions and actually do well complementing the other so no trick is used twice between the two.  I suggest visiting both if you have time.

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Pictures:  33     Some edited & all watermarked.

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