Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Woods of Terror  (2010-10-17)

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Woods of Terror  (2010-10-17)
The first shooting night at Woods of Terror. During my pre-shoot walkthrough, I saw many updated sets: 13 Ghosts (and a bloody bathtub), an expanded vampire house, new entrance to the graveyard, new cave, revamped chainsaw house, new virus area, new clown areas, and a crypt entrance with laser lights. That was close to 20% of the haunt with scenes that needed to be photographed!
I started out in the vampire house. Once customers started coming through the haunt, I soon realized there was no way I'd be able to get any scene and character shots other than quick black and whites. The vampire with the rats deserved more attention than circumstances allowed. Switching to getting scare shots wasn't working well due to the confined space. That's when I moved to the bedroom and was able to squeeze a few character shots in. Still, the house needs more scene shots for me to have a complete album.
The graveyard was next on my list. I enjoyed getting some scares from the guy who crawled on the ground. He said he was a werewolf, but, in my honest opinion, in the dark, he'd need a pronounced muzzle, tail, or howl for people to understand what his character is. The scene shots went very well. Further in the graveyard, there was a great scare photo-op with the thing that slides out at people. The chain-wielding zombie in this scene produced a great character shot with his eye looking at the camera.
Finally, I hit the mine. People were coming off the redneck ride too frequently for me to take much time at the entrance, though I was patient enough to wait and, eventually, get ten shots in. Inside the mine was someone with a very large snake, the latter by the name of Penelope. Naturally, this scene was a great place to get some screams because so many people are afraid of snakes. Maneuvering for a properly-framed shot was a challenge. After this room was someone undergoing a lobotomy. Hmm... a lobotomy in a mine? This made for a good shot, though I only had ten minutes to get a few in.
In summary, Woods of Terror has many updates and is impressive this year. There's more 360 degree scenery (my favorite) this year than previous ones, so you can't look to the woods anymore to keep you grounded in reality.
Photograher: Christopher Hall
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