Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Woods of Terror  (2006-10-30)
The Boys' & Girls' Club visited the attraction tonight.  These kids were very fun to photograph, as you can tell from this album's contents.  The kids were genuinely scared at every little thing.  Perhaps not a good thing at such a young age, but that frightful look produced so many great pictures.  I just have to thank them.

Tonight was that odd night that bordered an active weekend and Halloween.  As such, I think many people stayed home and finished their preparations for the day ahead.  This meant it was fairly slow compared to what I expected.  Many people went through the attraction--don't misunderstand--but I expected to see two groups every minute because I was concentrating on screams tonight.  (Two groups every minute equates to the attraction being slammed to capacity while one every minute means a very busy night: I saw a group, on average, every two minutes or more, so it wasn't bad.)  There's always the next night--Halloween.

This album is part of Christopher Hall's Haunted Pictures collection.
Pictures:  79.     Some edited & all watermarked.
  Lightbox Slides ("P"revious, "N"ext, and e"X"it.)

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