Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
Spookywoods  (2009-10-02)
For this shoot, I intended to concentrate only on the corn field and tram ride. I was hunting for screams and scares, the most difficult type of shot for me to get at a haunted attraction. It's challenging because there are so many variables outside my control: if the people are scared, where in the group the scare happens, if anyone is blocking the shot, how the scream looks, if the monster is in the shot, if the people aren't looking at the camera, and if you can see everyone's--including the monster's--face. Needless to say, perhaps five percent of the pictures turn out usable.
I also had an interesting idea. To get shots of people scared on the tram, I could sit behind the driver and be positioned perfectly for the scare. While this worked, no one in the front row was scared and most of the time the tram was empty--a result of a thin line towards the end of the night. I'll have to try again later.
The Travel Channel was also at this shoot. It was cute how people kept mistaking me for an employee of network television. Sorry, folks, I'm a simple freelancer, mostly at the haunt in search of good shots for my online gallery.
This shoot also marks the 4,000 picture milestone for the site.
This album is part of Christopher Hall's Haunted Pictures collection.
Pictures:  47.     Some edited & all watermarked.
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