Haunted Attraction Photography by Christopher Hall
X-Treme Fear  (2010-10-22)

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X-Treme Fear  (2010-10-22)
Back to where it all began six years ago! X-Treme Fear is where SeeYouScream first got its start; did you know that?
For this shooting night, we concentrated on scenes and characters we didn't have, or the combination of the two. We started with the crawling brides in the wedding reception room, took a video, then walked through the haunt from there. The spider and bog monster and clown pictures were done in one shot, which surprised even us.
You'll notice we actually took a picture in the spinning barrel room. Ever since that first year, when we got a killer shot of that room, we have been avoiding it for good reason (that picture is one of the ones in rotation on the home page).
Photograher: Christopher Hall
Pictures:  27.

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